Russian seismic vessel starting 2D seismic survey today

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Partial view of Russian owned ‘Akademik Fersman’, berthed at Zone 14, Seychelles' Ile Du Port (Seychelles News Agency)

(Seychelles News Agency) - Russian seismic vessel the ‘Akademik Fersman’ that arrived in the Seychelles’ port capital of Victoria during the weekend is expected to sail out today to start 2D seismic survey of some 3000 line km of the Seychelles exclusive Economic Zone survey.

The vessel belongs to Russian service company DMNG that has won the contract to obtain the data as part of a joint study between the state owned company responsible for regulating the hydrocarbon sector of the Indian Ocean archipelago, PetroSeychelles and Japan’s Oil Gas Minerals Exploration Company (JOGMEC).

The agreement for the joint venture was signed in October 2013.

“PetroSeychelles is pleased to be collaborating with JOGMEC on this joint survey, which is being seen as another important step in understanding the subsurface geology and petroleum potential of the Seychelles,” said the company in a statement.

PetroSeychelles has said that it will take about one month for ‘Akademik Fersman’ to complete the 2D seismic survey of the allocated survey area.

“During the survey the boat will be towing an 8 km long streamer and notice to mariners will be issued to ensure that all ocean users are not adversely affected by the survey operations,” said PetroSeychelles Exploration Manager Patrick Joseph responding to the SNA Wednesday April, 09.

Another international company actively engaged in the Seychelles’ oil exploration is Australian oil and gas exploration company WHL Energy that recently announced that the Seychelles government has notified that the firm will be granted necessary regulatory approval for its farm-in agreement with FTSE- listed Ophir Energy over its flagship Seychelles acreage.

Commenting on WHL’s announcement PetroSeychelles has said the company together with the Seychelles government have been discussing with Ophir and WHL recently regarding the farm in.

“We can confirm that the current agreement has been extended until 30th April to allow the formalities to be completed. If the farm-in is approved by Government then Ophir will acquire 75% of the WHL interest and become operator. Ophir will then acquire a 3D seismic survey to try and narrow down potential drilling targets,” said Joseph.

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