Seychelles' President wishes Happy National Day and Happy Independence Day to all Seychellois at home and abroad

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Ramkalawan said "Our hearts beat for Seychelles and we are proud to call ourselves Seychellois no matter where we are." (State House)

The President of Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan, has sent a message of Happy National Day and Happy Independence Day to all Seychellois living in Seychelles and all those who live abroad.

On June 29, 1976, Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, got its independence from Great Britain. This year, for its 48th anniversary, the main highlights of the day as is customary, will be a national parade in the afternoon.

In his message for the occasion, Ramkalawan said, "Our hearts beat for Seychelles and we are proud to call ourselves Seychellois no matter where we are.  We are Seychellois and we will hoist our flag as high as we can anywhere in the world."

"As we hoist our flag and sing our National Anthem, let us reflect on the values which unite us as one nation. Our Constitution recognises our diverse beginnings as the source of our strength and that is what makes our nation unique and vibrant. We come from different races and colours, speak different languages, practice different religions, but we are united by love for our country and our commitment to building a strong nation to forge a better future for all generations of Seychellois," he said.

"Today we reaffirm our profound desire to uphold the principles of democracy, freedom, responsibility, respect, law and justice upon which our society is founded. When we look at our progress as a nation, we are proud of our successes and we will continue working hard to keep moving forward and making progress. It is this spirit which makes us a model of development and resilience for the whole world despite our being the smallest country of the African continent, an island state with a population here in Seychelles of less than 100,000 inhabitants," he added.

The President said, "Today is our National Day, we also acknowledge our history, our culture and the beauty that makes Seychelles truly unique. Our identity with all of its mixed origins which turns us into this rainbow nation is an asset which we must protect.  Let us use our different abilities, talents and enthusiasm to strengthen that which unites us and make us supportive of each other in both adversity and success."

He highlighted the achievements the island nation had made and "the profound desire to protect all that is ours, including our environment, is the key to our success as islanders. I take this opportunity to commend everyone who is protecting our heritage. I am also respectful of our youth who have taken up the vocation of becoming custodians of our environment. Continue to keep Seychelles beautiful and protect it at all cost."

Ramkalawan had a special word for the generation of active workers whom he said are the driving force behind the growth and success of the country's economy, the pillars of the communities and very brave leaders.

"Your passion, innovation and determination are crucial to move Seychelles further ahead in this competitive world filled with challenges. As our economy grows, society will continue to support you and provide a framework for you to continue to make a positive impact on our society. I invite you to also pass on to the next generation the values which you hold," he added.

The President said the youth of Seychelles are the guardians of the country's future and the nation is counting on them to take over this charge, which will ensure that the progress and successes of today are maintained and advanced further forward and higher.

"We are listening to your voices as we provide a framework for your dreams and invest in your potential. It is through your energy, creativity and passion that Seychelles will continue to progress. Do not let yourself be misled by bad influences which will destroy your future," he added.

"People of Seychelles, Seychelles is our country, let us together maintain the highest standards possible that will keep us as a people, proud and blessed. Together, let us keep our country clean, stand against all the scourges which destroy life, work hard, and act in solidarity to help our brothers and sisters," said Ramkalawan.

He concluded by saying "Let us, each of us through our actions, our words and our decisions seek how we can sow more love.  Seychelles is our country. When we come together, we will make it rise and our country will truly become the cradle for all of us.  My Seychelles, You above all. Happy Independence Day! Happy National Day."

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