Seychelles celebrates Constitution Day with flag raising ceremonies on 3 main islands

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The events commemorate the day the Constitution of the Third Republic of Seychelles was adopted by the Seychellois nation. (Seychelles Nation)

Seychelles is celebrating the 31st anniversary of its Constitution on Tuesday, June 18, in flag-raising ceremonies on the three most populated islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

The events commemorate the day the Constitution of the Third Republic of Seychelles was adopted by the Seychellois nation. On June 18, 1993, the island nation took a new direction guided by fundamental principles essential for its development as a sovereign and democratic state.

The first flag-raising ceremony took place on the main island of Mahe at the 'Lavwa Lanasyon' monument in the capital of Victoria. Attending the ceremony were Seychelles' President Wavel Ramkalawan, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Roger Mancienne, the Chief Justice, Rony Govinden, and other high-level government officials and members of the diplomatic corps.

Attending the ceremony were President Wavel Ramkalawan, high-level officials and dignitaries. (State House) Photo License: CC-BY  

In his opening address, the master of ceremony for the event, Ahmadou Sylla, said the event celebrates "our people's unity and diversity. We are celebrating everything that unifies us and makes us strong as a nation."

Sylla, said, "Amid great challenges that our country and the world is going through, we have come here to shout very loud that we are one people under one sun, united under one flag and the protection of our creator. Today we especially celebrate our Constitution, the fundamental document that guides us in our everyday lives and that shows us which direction our country should go."

After the flag was hoisted, a blessing was done through a gospel song of the late Father Gustave Lafortune ''En Soley Pe Leve" (A Sun is Rising) performed by youths of the Seychelles National Youth Council with Taniah Entertainments.

A late Father Gustave Lafortune song was performed by SNYC youths and Taniah. (Seychelles Nation) Photo License: CC-BY  

This was followed by the reading of a poem written and delivered by Elodie Ah-Time, a student from the School of Advanced Level Studies, entitled 'Monn Konnen', (I Have Known) accompanied by Jael Ellen, a member of the National Youth Troupe.

The ceremony ended with a performance of a patriotic song, "Mon Sesel", (My Seychelles) written by singer Simon Amade.

Two other flag-raising ceremonies will be done on La Digue, the third most populated island and on Praslin, the second most populated island.  

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