Electoral Commission of Seychelles discusses changes to Political Parties Act

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The consultations are usually done after every election but with the COVID-19 pandemic after the last elections in 2020, this could not be done sooner. (Seychelles News Agency)

Registered political parties in Seychelles had the chance to give their inputs on the recommended amendments to the Political Parties Act in a consultative meeting on Monday.

The Electoral Commission of Seychelles presented several amendments to the law that are being proposed to the representatives from five political parties while addressing their concerns and adding their suggestions.

Representatives who attended the meeting were from United Seychelles (US), the Seychelles Democratic Alliance (LDS), the Seychelles National Alliance Party (SNAP), One Seychelles and the Seychelles United Movement (SUM).

The consultations are usually done after every election but with the COVID-19 pandemic after the last elections in 2020, this could not be done sooner. This is why they are taking place now, ahead of the presidential elections proposed for September 27 in 2025.

The electoral commissioner, Danny Lucas, said, "Today is a continuation of the consultation that we started last year and we expect to be done with this today."

He added that this process will ensure that the law can be fair and in line with what the political parties expect.

Some of the proposed amendments include political alliances between several parties that will not need to be registered as a whole new political party, while other changes concern the obligations of political parties to provide necessary documents to the Electoral Commission in a timely manner.

SNA sought the reaction of the representatives of these political parties at the meeting.  

"I think it is a really good thing and since the last meeting, we all agree that it was important for us to be consulted before any amendments are made, as at the end of the day, we as political parties will be the ones affected," said Ernesto Lionnet, executive member of SNAP.

Edward Anacoura, secretary general of SUM, said, "This should have been done earlier, but I do think it's great, where the discussions have been going well in a good atmosphere."

The secretary general of the US, Wallace Cosgrow, said, "There are some amendments that we are concerned about, such as the terms being used, which we feel needs to take into account the current political situation and ensure that when the final amendments come to the national assembly, it remains fair to all parties."

Yvon Esther, the leader of One Seychelles, said, "The discussions are going well, but we want to see it more open and where it can be more transparent."

An executive member of the ruling LDS party, Satya Naidoo, said, "These proposed amendments are in line with the fundamental principles of a modern democracy and promotes participation, where it is also giving the Electoral Commission more power to better serve its purpose."

The Electoral Commission of Seychelles will also be holding other consultative meetings with other partners.  

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