SIB to relaunch tender for Zone B of Victoria Waterfront in Seychelles 

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Zone B comprises three plots of land to be developed for activities and entertainment and four applicants appealed the selection. (Seychelles Nation)

The Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) has confirmed that the tender process for Zone B in the Victoria Waterfront project will be relaunched following some objections put forward through the appeal process.

The SIB chief executive, Anne Rosette, said that the appeal process was done after the selection of bidders at the beginning of March.

Aimed at making Victoria, the capital, livelier, the Waterfront Development project is part of the approved Victoria Masterplan 2040 and will be carried out in the area most people know as the ex-Children's Playground.

The request for proposals for the project was launched in October 2023 and the successful bidders include one for Zone A, 11 for Zone B, four for Zone C, and five for Zone D.

Zone B comprises three plots of land to be developed for activities and entertainment and four applicants appealed the selection.

"Out of the four appeals, two appeals stated that there were issues with the way submissions for bidding were done. When we launched the bidding, we said that submissions could be done in two ways; by email or physically through the National Tender Board (NTB). The Investment Appeal Panel concluded that this process was done in a way that was not in the interest of the bidders and that it could cause confusion. We were then asked to re-do the tender for Zone B," Rosette told reporters.

She expressed disappointment at the outcome of the appeal stating that this also impacts her office.

"This is the first time that this has been brought forward, and we have to consider it and improve. We have a small team of only three people. This means a lot of extra work for them and this isn't the only project they are working on. We thought we had concluded this part and now we have to re-do it. We have to take the feedback on board, the panel is an independent body," said the CEO.

She said that all parties involved have been informed and regarding the legal implications, Rosette admitted that there is always a risk.

"When we meet the bidders affected we will see what will happen. We have to discuss with them first," she explained.

Rosette clarified that while the three people selected had received a notice of award, the award had not been given yet, this can only be done after the appeal. Therefore, the panel's decision means that they will have to participate again.

"This is the process and it is explained to everyone who participates in the tender process. It is an eventuality that can happen. This is a deficiency of the procedure that we have to address. We have to ensure that we improve upon it," she added,

Rosette said according to the procedures, since the appeal was done for Zone B, the tender process will only be relaunched for Zone B and not for the other zones.  

Rosette clarified that they are only notifying the public and everyone involved regarding this situation and that details regarding the relaunching of the tender process for Zone B will be done later.

 "We will restart the process after we have reviewed the procedure in place and the technicalities associated with it. We don't have a date yet, but we will keep everyone involved informed of what is happening," she added.

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