Seychelles showcases its best products at Seafood Expo in Barcelona

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The Seychelles pavilion is located in the first hall of the Expo. (Seychelles Fishing Authority)

(Seychelles News Agency) - Fish exporters and government partners from Seychelles are participating in the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, Spain, to enhance the reputation of the island nation's seafood industry and provide promising new market opportunities for its growing private sector.

Taking place from April 23-25, the event marks its 30th edition and has become the largest in history, with 2,244 companies from 87 countries showcasing their products and services.

According to the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA), "Following the success of its participation last year, Seychelles' local fish exporters and government partners have come together to exhibit the best of the country's ocean products at the Expo."

The Seychelles pavilion, located in the first hall of the Expo, is a collaborative effort between the  Ministry of  Fisheries and the Blue  Economy, the SFA, the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB), and the private sector.

Under the umbrella of the Association of Fish Processors and Exporters Seychelles (AFPES), Gemini Fishing Company, Marlu Seychelles, Ocean Basket, and Tuna Exporters (Seychelles) are being represented at this year's event.

Seychelles' diverse and high-quality seafood is being presented at the Expo, with fresh fish selections such as yellowfin tuna, red snapper, and grouper.

The Central Common Cold Storage (CCCS) is making its debut at the event, highlighting the increasing importance of the service sector in Seychelles' seafood industry.

"The Seychelles pavilion has already garnered significant interest from buyers, who are relishing the sashimi products crafted by the local and foreign chef team while engaging with suppliers and service providers," said SFA.

Seychelles Pavilion has garnered interest. (Seychelles Fishing Authority) Photo License: CC-BY 

The Expo is expected to enhance the reputation of Seychelles' seafood industry and provide promising new market opportunities for its growing private sector.

The Seafood Expo Global is seen as the world's leading and largest seafood trade event and it brings together buyers, suppliers, and other players in the seafood industry from more than 160 countries.

The Seafood Expo connects seafood suppliers and related services to local, regional, and global marketplaces while promoting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

The success of Seychelles' participation in the Seafood Expo Global is a testament to the country's commitment to promoting its seafood products, and it is hoped that it will continue to shine on a global scale.

Fisheries is the island nation's second top contributor to its economy. 

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