World Wetlands Day: Seychelles celebrates with planting of mangrove trees

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Joubert was joined by students at Port Glaud Primary School and the Seychelles Maritime Academy to plant more mangrove trees at the Port Launay site. (Seychelles Nation)

(Seychelles News Agency) - Seychelles joins the world in the global celebration of World Wetlands Day celebrated every year on February 2 and one milestone is the celebration of 20 years of designation of the Port Glaud/Port Launay Wetlands as a Ramsar Site, which is designated as wetlands of international importance.

For this occasion, the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment, Flavien Joubert, was joined by students at Port Glaud Primary School and the Seychelles Maritime Academy to plant more mangrove trees at the Port Launay site.

The Port Launay coastal wetlands, located in the western Mahe district of Port Glaud, is one of the best mangrove wetlands on Mahe, supporting all seven species of mangroves in Seychelles.

The wetland was the first area in Seychelles to be designated as an area with international importance under the Ramsar Convention. Two other areas, the Mare au Cochon wetlands in the hills of the southern of Mahe, the main island, and the Aldabra atoll are also recognised under the convention signed in 1971.

In his message for the occasion, Joubert said, "Much has happened in Seychelles through rigorous actions by various actors in supporting the government in promoting sustainability in the use of wetlands ecosystems. This year's theme declared by the Ramsar Convention is "Wetlands and Human Wellbeing," which denotes the interaction between people and wetlands, putting people at the center of the future of wetlands globally."

The Constance Ephelia Resort over the years has organised many activities in collaboration with other organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) towards the management and conservation of the Port Launday coastal wetland.

This year, the resort with its community partners and youths organised a mangrove planting activity.

Joubert said, "It is the responsibility of each citizen, community, and country to reverse this trend through bold decisions and actions that would bring numerous benefits to communities are the world. Member countries of the Ramsar Convention and other international and regional groups are leading campaigns to promote the sustainable use of wetlands globally."

He added that despite the numerous challenges especially in small island states like Seychelles, "there is still hope, as look ahead to our younger generation in preserving our wetlands by spreading the word that restoring wetlands would not only help to revive endangered species but also rebuild the connection between ridges and reefs, which is the backbone of all ecosystems."

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