Seychelles Hydrospatial Observatory for Research and Exploration created

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SHORE was officially registered as an NGO early in December 2023 by the Seychelles Registrar of Associations. (SHORE)

The Seychelles Hydrospatial Observatory for Research and Exploration Institute (SHORE) is a newly registered non-governmental organisation founded by young Seychellois experts.

The Institute, known by its acronym SHORE, aims to contribute and advance the understanding and management of Seychelles' marine environment towards the sustainable development of the Blue Economy.

According to its founder SHORE, Francesca Adrienne, "this involves harnessing scientific knowledge and services derived from hydrospatial sciences for better decision-making, which is crucial for the country's economic development."

Adrienne described these hydrospatial sciences as oceanography, and hydrography as well as focusing on ocean floor mapping, research, exploration, and observation. Elements that she said SHORE intends to promote more in Seychelles.

"This is essential for understanding marine processes, adapting to climate changes in the seas and contiguous zones, and providing critical information for managing and conserving marine resources," she told SNA.

"This involves organising workshops, educational programmes, and collaborative initiatives to enhance local expertise and knowledge. The goal is to strengthen marine spatial sciences and promote their role in the development of the Blue Economy," said Adrienne.

Apart from the educational side, Adrienne also emphasised the importance of the practical aspects of this project, especially in terms of decision and policy making.

"SHORE's work, particularly in ocean floor mapping and hydrospatial science, will benefit Seychelles by providing crucial information about marine habitats, monitoring changes over time, enhanced data collection and management for managing marine resources and the provision of essential services supporting safe navigation and sustainable use of marine resources," she said.

Adrienne further added "This is especially important for an oceanographically and climatically significant region like Seychelles, contributing to global efforts to address climate change and protect ocean health. Ultimately, these efforts will contribute to the responsible development of Seychelles' Blue Economy."

SHORE was officially registered as an NGO early in December 2023 by the Seychelles Registrar of Associations.

Adrienne said the next steps involve strategic planning, stakeholder engagement towards membership and participation, resource mobilisation, and partnership development and establishment.

"We will also be involved in the development and implementing ocean floor mapping projects, research and exploration initiatives, organising targeted workshops and other engagement activities as well as educational and advocacy programs to fulfill the organisation's objectives," she shared.

Over the next five years, SHORE plans to have a transformative role in the hydrospatial domain in Seychelles.

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